Celestial Farm - Quality Fiber and Fiber Animals

      Hybrid Satin Angora Rabbits

Welcome to our rabbitry!  Here at Celestial Farm we are a small hobby rabbitry, dedicated to producing top-quality wool animals for the spinner and fiber artist.  We offer prime angora for sale, blended spinning and felting batts, and hand-spun and hand-felted items.  Young rabbits are always being born, and will be for sale on our SALE PAGE. 

 Meet our Herd:

Our Bucks:




 Harold is a lovely Chinchilla Satin Angora buck from LaDue's Rabbitry up in Spokane, WA.  He has lovely wool, sheen, and a great temperament.  We're looking forward to seeing how he crosses with our does!


Sticks N Spokes Hershey


 Hershey is a Chocolate Satin Angora buck that has already proven himself as a sire.  We'll continue to use him judiciously this spring before retiring him to the wooler row!


Celestial Farm's Irish Cream

 Irish Cream is a Ruby-Eyed-White F1 cross from the same litter as Poi, Blue-Tini, and Chai.  He was my pick of the bucks, and we're looking forward to seeing his first litter out of Salsa very soon!


Celestial Farm's Cilantro

 Cilantro is a young Ruby-Eyed-White F2 Satin Angora buck.  He las lovely, long, shiny wool, and we're growing him out as a future herdsire prospect.  His wool is destined to be in ym future wedding shawl, however, so even if he does not pass muster, he will be neutered and will stay on Wooler Row!