Celestial Farm - Quality Fiber and Fiber Animals

     Hybrid Satin Angora Rabbits

 Welcome to our rabbitry!  Here at Celestial Farm we are a small hobby rabbitry, dedicated to producing top-quality wool animals for the spinner and fiber artist.  We offer prime angora for sale, blended spinning and felting batts, and hand-spun and hand-felted items.  Young rabbits are always being born, and will be for sale on our SALE PAGE.  

 Meet our Herd:

Our Does:


Homestead Farm's Salsa


A F1 Satin Angora / German Angora cross, she comes to us from California.  She has a nice large size, and decent density.  Her temperament leaves a little to be desired, but we are taking care to watch the temperaments of her offspring.  We want Satin Angoras, not Satan Angoras! 




Rabger's Taffy

Taffy is a lovely young Chocolate Tort Satin Angora doe.  She has a great body, and is nursing her first F1 litter for us.  She has a sweet temperament and loves to be petted, but you had better not touch her babies!  Her kits will be ready to show by fair season. 




Celestial Farm's Moonflower

 A beautiful German Hybrid doe, she is helping us improve density and keep excellent type on our F1 crosses.  She is Ermine, which is an unusual color, but just means that she has several desirable recessive genes to give her offspring.


GW's / Celestial Farm's Marsala

 A beautiful Chocolate Tort F1 cross, she is the last daughter of our former herdsire, Tiramisu.  As a result, she has amazing density, and a pretty fab body, as well.  We're eagerly awaiting her first litters by Harold.


Celestial Farm's Poi

 Poi is one of our first F1 Satin / German Hybrid crosses.  She has very good type, an attractive head, and lovely matt-free wool.  She is proving to be an excellent mother as well, and has already stunned us with the quality of her first litter.  We're looking forward to more from this wonderful doe!


Celestial Farm's Blue-Tini

 Blue-Tini is another F1 cross, and she is like Poi in that she has a beautiful head, nice type, and nice wool.  We're looking forward to her first litters soon!



Celestial Farm's Chai

 While not as nice as her two sisters, Chai is still wowing us with her lovely lilac chinchilla wool.  She may have a litter or two before being used strictly as a wooler!



Celestial Farm's Sake

This F2 Opal Satin Angora junior doe has sheen, body, and a stunning headpiece.  We are looking forward to having the judges evaluate her this spring! 


Celestial Farm's Ninkasi

A beautiful Chocolate Chinchilla F2 Satin Cross, she is a satin carrier and will enter our breeding program when she comes of age.



Our Woolers:

 Creme Brulee


 This lovely orange Satin Angora doe is a good mother, but we are planning on using her as a wool producer for the time being.  Look at that wool glow!