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Angora Rabbits:


Sticks N Spokes Hershey


 Eggnog is an older Chocolate Ermine Satin Angora buck that has already proven himself over and over as a sire. Some of his offspring placed in the National Convention show in November 2015. He has beautiful shiny creamy white wool. We are needing the space so we are offering him for sale to a breeding, or wooler home!

 FOR SALE $50 




 Youngsters for Sale:




 DOB 9/3/15, This beautiful Ruby-Eyed-White buck has show or spinner's potential. Nice type, and beautiful, crimpy wool. Pick of this litter.


Current Angora Litters:

 Coming soon!


 Future Angora Litters:


The above planned litters are expected to be very good quality show prospects.  Some will be retained, some will be sold.  Show Quality denotes a higher standard of judging within my own program, and does not guarantee wins now, or in the future.  No animal with a DQ or obvious conformation flaw will be sold as "breeding quality."  At Celestial Farm we believe in strict standards and culling as a means to improve our line and the breed as a whole.  Please email or call for your potential prospect when litters are near salable age in order to arrange a visit or a meeting at a local show.  


Reservations will be taken with a deposit.  Your rabbit will be ready for pickup at 8 weeks old.  They will come with a baggie of transition food, clipped nails, and first shearing (upon request).  

We will always accept a Celestial Farm's bred rabbit back at any time, for any reason.  Animals returned to Celestial Farm may be retained or rehomed.

We guarantee health of our stock for 4 days after sale.  If rabbit shows signs of illness, contact us immediately.  You can return the rabbit for replacement or refund (CF's descretion.)  As always, we recommend quarantining new stock for several days before introducing new animals to your rabbitry.

We offer no guarantees as to the show potential, breeding potential, or wool production potential of any rabbit sold by Celestial Farm, as many external factors can affect these qualities in a grown or growing rabbit.