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Rabbits We Have Loved... and Lost


Below are some rabbits we have sold or have passed on.  Their pedigrees and photos are kept available for memoriam or research purposes. 

 Celestial Farm's Ginseng




 Ginseng is a very nice-bodied 88% German REW buck with lovely fiber.  A son of the awesome producer Tiramisu, from our best doe nightshade, he has been sold to be a herdsire to Maxine Dickenson of Lebanon, OR.  Thanks Maxine!



Jasmine is a lovely black hybrid doe, pedigree unknown.  She is approximately 75% German blood.  She was given to us by a dear friend who couldn't keep up with the shearing.  She has gone on to another great home to be a wool producer. 


 CA's Magnolia


Magnolia is a lovely Giant Angora (80% German Hybrid) doe.  She produces 11+ oz of prime wool every 90 days, and has won Best of Breed (Giant Angora) 9 times, earning 3 Grand Champion legs in the process.  We are pleased with her success on the show table, but showing Angoras is not our focus, producing top-quality fiber and fiber animals is our goal!  She is getting on in age, and our attempts to breed her have proven unsuccessful.  She has gone to a great home and has been spayed.


 Irish Rose's Tiger Lily


 This gorgeous chocolate chinchilla Satin Angora doe comes to us from Ann Ott.  She really won me over with that beautiful head, stunning color and sheen, and the firm body.  She had won two Best Of Breed awards in her short show career, and is produced one beautiful F1 satin/German Hybrid cross litter, consisting of white, chocolate, blue, chinchilla, and lilac chin kits.  We lost her to mucoid enteritis and bloat immediately after weaning her litter, and she is very missed.


 GW's Vanna White

 Vanna is a dedicated mother, dutifully raising litters numbering up to 11.  While our lowest percentage German Hybrid doe, and a very small doe (only 6.5 lbs), she has a great commercial body and excellent mothering skills, both qualities we desire in our herd.   She has been the foundation of our French Type bloodline. 

 UPDATE:  Vanna is producing the last litter for us this summer, she is being bred to Boehm's Juke, from midwest pure French lines.  We are retaining pick from this litter, and then she will go back to Diedra MacKimmee to spend the rest of her days.  It's only once in a lifetime that you come across such a cornerstone to your breeding program.  You are loved and will be missed! 


  Lavender Mist One Paw

 One Paw was a chinchilla 97% German Hybrid buck, with lovely, dense wool and a kissable personality.  We lost him to mucoid enteritis and bloat.  We miss him so, and lament the fact that he had not managed to produce any kits for us.


 Tami's Bluegrass

Bluegrass is a vigorous stud buck, who produced lots of lovely blue fiber that is so soft!  He also gave us several lovely litters, and he has been replaced by a Lilac son from his most recent litter.  He has gone to live with Naomi Dickenson of Eugene, Oregon, where he can continue to sire a whole new generation!


 GMV Aspen


 Aspen has been given a good home by Nellie of Newberg.  He has become what I always hoped he would be, a treasured spinner's pet.  He is now called Shimmer.  Thanks Nellie!


Jezebel was a lovely Chestnut hybrid doe, pedigree unknown.  She was Jasmine's sister, and was also given to us.   We bred her this summer to Bluegrass, since it was an unseasonably cool summer.  On the day of her impending kindling, a heat wave rolled in, with above 95 degree temperatures, and she succumbed to heat stroke while in labor.  We couldn't save her.  We are extremely saddened by her absence.


 Celestial Farm's Tumbleweed 


 Tumbleweed was a lovely young Chinchilla spot free buck out of a very successful cross of Tiramisu and Nightshade.  We lost him tragically to heatstroke.  Despite our best efforts to save him, he died in my arms.  He was very loved and is very missed!


  GMV Nightshade

 Pedigree: Bungalow Farm's Private Ryan 100% German

Raspberry Farm's CPO Sealth 100% German

Lavender Rabbit's Seattle 100% German

GMV Nightshade (2008 Black self doe w/ nose spot, 93% German)

Millenial's Mickey Blue Eyes (Chocolate Chin, 96.7% German

CT/GMV Lunar Eclipse (Black, 85% German)

CT's Solar Eclipse (Black Japanese, 74% German) 

NIghtshade was a bold and lively rabbit with beautiful silky texture and incredible density.  She was an excellent mother, and when bred to Tiramisu, produced lovely kits with amazing density.  She passed last summer to the Rainbow Bridge.  Her daughters carry on her legacy, but she is very, very missed.


 GMV Eros


Eros is a lovely lilac chinchilla neutered buck from Goat Mountain View's breeding.  He was stolen from his hutch not long after our move, on July 7th, 2010.  We miss him terribly.



 LookingGlassLoft's Lily


Pedigree:  MB's Nicodemus (Blue, 25% German)

Moody Blue's Sealy (Sable, 59.375% German)

MB's Freja (REW, 93.75% German)

 LookingGlassLoft's Lily (2008 Ruby Eyed White doe, 73% German)

Webfoot Woolie's Fritz (Black, 80.5% German)

Harvest Moon's RoseAlba (REW, 86.5% German)

Webfoot Woolie's Rose (Chin, 91.8% German)

Lily is a very sweet doe with great texture to her wool.  She has produced three lovely litters for us, and is a fantastic mother.  She even fosters other doe's kits without a fuss.  She has been sold to start another Angora fancier's herd.  


 LookingGlassLoft's Snowberry


 Pedigree:  MB's Nicodemus (Blue, 25% German)

Moody Blue's Sealy (Sable, 59.375% German)

MB's Freja (REW, 93.75% German)

 LookingGlassLoft's Lily (2008 Ruby Eyed White doe, 73% German)

Webfoot Woolie's Fritz (Black, 80.5% German)

Harvest Moon's RoseAlba (REW, 86.5% German)

Webfoot Woolie's Rose (Chin, 91.8% German)

Snowberry is Lily's littermate, and she couldn't be more different!  Snowberry is spunky, playful, and a fierce defender of her babies.  She has given us a chocolate daughter and a black steel son by Tiramisu to carry on her genes, and has gone to start a breeding herd in Sutherlin, Or.  Thanks Danielle for purchasing this fine animal!


Looking Glass Loft's Blackberry

Pedigree: GMV Martin (Chestnut, 50% German)

GMV's Georgio (Black Tort, 62% German)

CT's Dawn (Black Tort, 74.25% German)

Looking Glass Loft's Blackberry  (2008 Black self buck, 74.25% German) 

Webfoot Woolie's Fritz (Black, 80.5% German)

Harvest Moon's SweetPea (Black, 86.5% German) 

  Webfoot Woolie's Rose (Black Chin, 91.8% German)

Blackberry has been SOLD to Jessica Kramme of Seattle WA.  We look forward to hearing more about Blackberry's future as a 4-h show rabbit and sire! 




 Audrey's Cedar

Pedigree: Millenial's Mickey Blue Eyes (Chocolate Chin, 96.7% German)  

CT's 1689 (Chestnut, 84.35 % German)

CT's Ingrid (Chestnut, 72 % German) 

Audrey's Cedar (2009 Chestnut agouti buck, 92.2 % German)

Windsor Farm's Rowan 100% German

Nesla (REW, 100% German)

Ramoth (REW, 100% German)

We lost our beloved Cedar to a sudden attack of GI stasis (wool block) in May 2010.  We never bred him, so his genetic potential has gone unrealized.  We miss you, Cedar.



  GMV Morning Glory

 Pedigree: GMV Zachary (Lilac, 48% German)

GMV Solar Flare (Tort, 67% German)

CT/GMV Lunar Eclipse (Black, 85% German)

GMV Morning Glory (2008 Blue self doe, 65% German)

GMV Martin (Chestnut, 50% German)

GMV Sunny (REW, 62% German)

CT's Dawn (Tort, 74.25% German)

Morning Glory is a very soft, shy doe who likes sitting quietly on my lap to be scissored or cuddled.  She has lovely texture and sheen to her wool. She has gone to live in Wilsonville Oregon with Michelle Shores, as a wooler and potential breeder.  Enjoy your new girl, Michelle!